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Libra Star Sign:
The seventh sign of the zodiac.
The first six signs of the zodiac focus on the individual, with the last six focussing on contact with others.
Libra's are more concerned with how they will relate with others and how others relate to them.
Libra could be said to be the sign for Partnership's, they do not like to be alone hence being the ideal partner.
They like to balance and create harmony. ( See also the sign for scales )


Astrology is the study of the effects of the planets and some celestial bodies upon people, events and history on Earth.

The position of all these planets is drawn in a diagram called a horoscope and an Astrologer synthesizes and interprets intuitively its meaning to understand the nature of the person, place or event and to forecast the way ahead while understanding the past.

Astrology is a tool for understanding who we are and where we are going based upon thousands of years of accumulated observation and wisdom.

Astrology enables greater self awareness so that we can learn to live life to the full and according to our innermost natures, enhancing our individuality and self expression.

A professional Astrologer draws a Birth Chart or Horoscope using tables of data or a computer to work out where all the planets are at the time of the event to be determined. Most people are familiar with the idea that this event could be your your birth, and that your Sun Sign will fall into one of twelve Zodiac signs depending on what time of year you were born, but in fact it could be the start of any event, country, venture, or business and of course it is excellent for determining character, timing of events and who gets on with who.


THE SCALES is the sign of the diplomat and the ditherer
Falling in love comes naturally to Librans, whose reason for living centres upon happy and enduring relationships. A life without love is just not worth contemplating, Libra can not function without someone special, for they long for emotional security. Problems arise when the reality does not match the ideal, and a complete inability to make a binding decision about relationships, (or anything else for that matter).

The bright side
Libra is easy going, charming and pleasant, all relationships are important to Libra, this sign simply can not do without other people, and makes an excellent party host. Libra is a sign that values peace at all costs, and is very fair minded. People like being around Librans, for in the event of a dispute they will seek a compromise. A word of caution on this compromise though, for things may not be what they seem, Librans can if they wish charm the birds from the trees!

Charming, easy going, romantic, diplomatic, idealistic, refined, in love with love.

The dark side
Oh the indecisiveness is famous! Librans either sit on the fence, (attempting to appear pleasing to all parties), or they swing wildly from one side of the argument to the other, (and not necessarily dependant on who they are talking to!)
This is not the most reliable of signs, either in what they should do, or in maintaining any particular view point. They are often accused of being two faced. Beneath that charming exterior it is less well known, and stealthily concealed that they are very self centred, and insist on getting their own way, (whatever that is today).

Indecisive, resentful, frivolous, changeable, flirtatious, easily influenced, highly susceptible to flattery.

Eczema, skin diseases, kidney and bladder infections, diabetes, abcesses, lumbago, vein disorders.

Beneficial foods
Strawberries and plums.

You are most compatible with
Aquarius - a marvellous match.
Gemini - sublime.
Aries - opposites attract.
Scorpio - emotionally rewarding.
Taurus - very sensual.

Absolutely no chance!
Capricorn - don't bet on this one.
Cancer - very hard work.
Virgo - discordant.
Libra - indecisive, no decisive, whatever!
Sagittarius - too flighty.

Your opposite sign
is Aries

Someone you know?
Eve in the garden of Eden,
Brigitte Bardot,
John Lennon,
Michael Douglas,
Julie Andrews,
Charlie Brown,
Johnny Carson,
Jimmy Carter,
Dwight Eisenhower,
F. Scott Fitzgerald,
George Gershwin,
Mahatma Ghandi,
Charlton Heston,
Rita Hayworth,
Deborah Kerr,
Buster Keaton,
Groucho Marx,
Eleanor Roosevelt,
Pierre Trudeau,
Gore Vidal,
Oscar Wilde,
Gwyneth Paltrow.

Someplace you know?