Libra brief

Star sign for sale


The Libra Star Sign Personality

Libra's just love being in love, they need to be wanted, in fact get upset if not.

Libra's can also be quite emotional, very impulsive and not too keen on making decisions.

Libras are happy to just follow the crowd, they are affectionate, sympathetic and inquisitive with other people.

Libra's are generous, they like good food however particular about their diet as looking good is important to them.




More About Libra

Libra's have a deceptive personality, they appear a little weak in character, however deep down they can be quite strong and independent.

Libra is sign for a high level of single people but if marriage arrives they can be very dedicated to their partners.

 Libra people can keep a secret due to their lack of interest in other peoples circumstances hence they forget what they have been told.

Libra and work

The ideal job is for Libra's to join that requires no responsibility, they are at ease with tasks rather than delegation.

Libra's can be quite shy, with some very strong as long as they are working with others, they are not happy with authorization and would be unhappy with diplomatic situations.